Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are You Dressed Yet?

On Sunday mornings when I was a teenager, I was always the last one to leave the house, jumping in the car, mascara in hand, to finish primping as Dad drove us to church.  Often, I still seem to be putting on jewelry or lipstick as I dash to my car every day.  But there’s one lesson about getting dressed that I have never forgotten.

Growing up or even as an adult, whenever I faced a challenge or crisis, Mom used to ask:  “Have you put on your armor?”  She was referring to the protective spiritual armor Paul describes in Ephesians 6:10-17.  “God has provided a piece for everything except your back,” she’d say.  “That’s because He doesn’t expect you to retreat.”  Then she’d remind me of God’s promise in Isaiah 52:12:  “The God of Israel will be your rear guard.”

As I have faced many trials the last six months, I’m daily reminded of Mom’s words and Paul’s words and the dire importance of putting on my spiritual armor.  I would no more go out without it on than leave without my signature bright lipstick.

So, the next time you leave home, as you hop in the car, check yourself in the rearview mirror and ask yourself, “Are you dressed yet?”