Thursday, September 25, 2014

You are not alone

Deut. 31: 6b “For it is the Lord your God who goes with you; He will not leave you or forsake you.”

When Daddy died a year ago April, I felt like an orphan. It didn’t matter that I’m an adult and I live 300 miles away from my childhood home. I still felt like my last anchor was ripped away. Many friends who have lost both of their parents told me they experienced the same feelings. It was hard to lose the two people in my life who knew me from birth and whose collective memory housed things about me and my life that I may never recall.

Maybe that’s why starting last fall Abba Father began reinforcing this message: you are not alone. It popped up everywhere, but particularly in one of my favorite places of all: music. There was “You’re not alone” by Marie Miller. And there was Matt Maher’s song “All the People Said Amen” that starts with the lyrics: “You are not alone if you are lonely.” Most recently I heard these lyrics: “But with joy our hearts can say, ‘Never once did we ever walk alone. Never once did You leave us on our own” from Matt Redman’s “Never Once.”

In the aftermath of serious, faith-testing challenges in the last few years, God has reinforced that He is faithful, that He loves me and that I am never alone. If you are feeling alone in the struggles you face, I pray that God’s word will remind You of His constant, watchful presence in your life.