Saturday, June 28, 2014

Those Less Fortunate

In a novel I’m reading, an older, wealthy woman refers to helping “those less fortunate.” She is a Christian and active member of her church and community. And like all of us who have ever referred to others as “less fortunate,” she means well.

But the term hit me as wrong when I stumbled over it so I began to ask myself who is less fortunate than I and who is more fortunate?  Usually, I equate the phrase with material wealth as most folks do. Yet, we all know money cannot heal a broken heart, comfort a grief-stricken widow, soothe a restless spirit or buy a ticket to heaven.

So here’s what I came up with for my list of “those less fortunate”:

People who cannot forgive. Their hearts grow bitter and angry and they poison those around them.

People who refuse to listen to others. They’re missing out on some interesting stories, some good laughs, and some profound wisdom.

Bigoted people who claim to follow Christ but whose narrow minds and cold hearts push others far from the gospel. 

To round out the list, I’d include the thankless who miss communion with God and others, the selfish who miss opportunities to serve and bless others, and the wasteful who fritter away their talents and resources, squander God’s grace and never achieve His purposes.

My prayer for the week is I do as little as possible to be included on someone else’s list of “those less fortunate.”